Sklep internetowy – projektowanie sklepów internetowych


We will design a beautiful, functional and profitable online store for you

We offer execution professional online store based on the CMS WordPress system, which significantly minimizes the cost of implementation and allows you to easily add new functionalities to the store. We design the stores entirely ourselves and we do not use ready-made motifs, which allows us to build a store tailored to your industry.

We provide support throughout the period of cooperation as well as training materials that help to better understand the operation of the back-office. We design online stores in such a way that the customer can edit the structure and colors on a basis picking up and dropping items which allows you to have full "control" over the structure and colors of the store without the need to call a specialist.

We design:

  • Classic online stores
  • Online course sales platforms 
  • E-book sales platforms
  • Single product purchase forms
  • Product configurators
  • Non-standard solutions based on the principles of operation of the online store

You can present your vision to us and we will select the best solutions for your business.


Brief or conversation

You can fill out a brief or contact us directly via e-mail or telephone number. Together, we will establish the assumptions of the project and present the best solutions


We make a conceptual design of the home page, product card, basket and the purchase process

Implementation of functionality

We implement functionalities that have been discussed and are part of the order for the online store

Tests and acceptance

Tests are carried out on our server as well as on the client's server. This allows you to eliminate errors that may appear in a different server environment


online store

Your store will be adapted to devices such as a monitor, laptop, notebook, smartphone

Shop adapted to SEO

The online store will be made in accordance with SEO principles, which will allow you to position yourself in an organic way

Regulations of the online store

We implement regulations for stores selling physical products


Your store will have Google Analytics and Google Search Console implementations that will allow you to monitor traffic and improve your position

przed spapem

Protection of contact forms against spam and data encryption with an SSL certificate

Protection against intrusions

The store will have an anti-virus system as well as a blockade after unsuccessful login attempts


The store will have a privacy policy as well as information on contact forms and orders

Fast store

The store will work fast enough to satisfy customers, as well as the search engine that takes into account its speed

chat facebook

We implement the communicator used all over the world. This will allow you to quickly respond to potential customers

Newsletter system

The implementation allows you to collect a mailing list that will help you collect e-mail addresses for marketing purposes

Ability to block the client's ip

It allows you to block unwanted clients based on IP address, e-mail or phone number

Other implementations

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