Website repair

Sometimes there are situations when you enter a website and it does not work as it should, it may be strange text strings, no photos or a completely disrupted structure of the website. In such a situation, when we have a lot of blog entries, subpages or products in the online store, we certainly do not want to commission the creation of a new website, but at least undertake its reconstruction.

Here we come to the rescue, such a situation is our everyday life, but also a big challenge, because each damaged page is actually looking for a needle in a haystack, a simple WordPress website consists of about 20,000 files containing several thousand lines of code , sometimes the cause of the error may be the lack of a dot, comma or dash, so it is very difficult to locate, indicate the cause and repair the website.

The price is determined on the basis of the CMS system in which the failure occurred and the extent of the failure. Access is required at least at the back-end (if running) or database and file access on the server.

Describe what happened

If you encountered a sudden error after updating the plugin, CMS system or you just wanted to do something and the website crashed, write to us and describe what happened.